Experts Roundup – Top 6 Hearing Aid Tips

What should I expect from my first hearing aid?

Tip 1. Helga – Hack and Hear

Take your time, when getting hearing aids. Test several brands and models.

Once you pick a model, take time to get them well adjusted by your audiologist. Don’t buy before you are happy with them – it can take months or weeks.

Hearing aid first time

Tip 2. Svetlana Kouznetsova – Audio Accessibility 

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What is the process of getting a hearing aid?

Tip 3. Carly Ann Sygrove –  Blog 

Do you think you might be experiencing hearing loss? 

You may notice that you need the volume level higher than other family members or are struggling to hear in places with considerable background noise such as cafes or restaurants. 

If you suspect any change in your hearing, be sure to get it checked out. 

An audiologist can perform hearing tests to determine whether you have hearing loss and can work with you to find out a successful treatment option. 

Speak to your loved ones about how they can aid effective communication, such as getting your attention before speaking to you and speaking clearly. 

It can also be helpful to connect with others with similar experiences by joining a local or online support group, where you can share stories, tips and support each other. 

Tip 4. Joshua Sullivan – |

When I first got my hearing aids, I learned that they are not guaranteed. The reason I was given was because they don’t work for everyone.

My recommendation is to learn American Sign Language. It is better than being in denial of my deafness and a useful skill anywhere in the world.

Don’t become someone else!

You may be told you can be a better person and pressure you to wear hearing aids or cochlear implants.

But always be yourself!

Tip 5. Ear Guru – Ear Guru Blog

All the reputed brands have more or less the same technology. If a brand has introduced a new feature, rest assured the other brands are also working on it and will introduce them soon.

Without getting too technical about sound processing, the major difference between hearing aids is the sound and the tonal quality. 

A brand/model suiting one person may or may not suit another person, as every person’s hearing loss and speech perception is different.

My advice to the first time hearing aid users is to request from the hearing aid fitter, a trial period with a return policy. Just in case the hearing aids are not suitable. 

The user should try the hearing aids in actual day to day life. Only after trying them in real circumstances can one decide on their suitability.

It is not necessary that the hearing aids suit perfectly after the first programming session. A follow up programming session is perfectly fine and an accepted practice. 

The user should make a list of the issues faced, such as: 

  • can’t hear the doorbell
  • traffic noise is too loud 
  • A family member’s speech is not clear. 

This will help the fitter/audiologist reprogram the hearing aids for better results.

All said and done, don’t delay or avoid use of hearing aids if you have a hearing loss. 

Unattended hearing loss leads to health complications.

Tip 6. Dan Gardner – Gardner Audiology

Recommendation for first  time Hearing Aid users:

1. All six major hearing aid manufacturers have comparable products

2. The qualifications of who you see is more important the brand.

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